YTMBA Research & Consulting

YTMBA Research & Consulting has a mission to support data-driven decision making by product and brand managers.  We are a full service research and consulting company providing limited qualitative and extensive quantitative marketing research services.

Qualitative Marketing Research:  Focus groups and individual depth interviews are done by experienced moderators for proof-of-concept, competitive positioning, ad-testing, copy-testing, message-testing, product design and problem detection.  Specialized methods include war games, and portfolio testing.

Quantitative Marketing Research:  Predictive Analytics for the Business Intelligence environment supported by telephone and internet surveys are done for key driver analysis, net promoter analysis, utility analysis, brand switching, brand loyalty tracking, brand positioning, customer satisfaction, brand share estimation, heat maps, and new product design and acceptance.  Specialized methods include Kano, discrete choice, correspondence maps, positioning maps, predictive modeling, data mining, market segmentation, forecasting, and structural equation modeling.  All statistical design, data entry, and analysis supported by SPSS and Brand Map are done in-house.

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